Tips For Savings

Buy Notes, Bills and Bonds Direct From U.S. Treasury

Did you know you can save money directly with the United States Treasury? Set up an account with There are many choices to choose from, short term, long term, inflation protected. 

All you need is $100 or more in a bank account. They will ACH to money and return it at the maturity with interest.

Some are discount bonds. They will take $95 and return $100 at maturity.

Safer Than Banks And Credit Unions

You can get 20 times more interest at the Treasury. Besides, banks and credit unions invest their funds with the Treasury when they can’t find some to lend to.


No Investment Fees

There are no investment fees. The Treasury does not charge any fee for your investment in Government bonds.


No State Tax On Interest

States do not tax interest on Government Bonds. That can save up to 6% when you file your State income tax form each year.



This is very patriotic. You are helping the USA fund its programs.