Useful Links is a low cost way of doing book keeping.

This form is helpful when preparing your tax court presentation.

This form is useful when appealing your IRS letter you receive. The appeal is for what you disagree with and why you disagree with it.

This link has information regarding paying your taxes. It also has information about bank account, paying by debit or credit card, payment plans, depositing taxes, viewing your account, penalties, tax withholdings, understanding your IRS notice, foreign electronic payments and payment of user fees.

This pdf has all the information you need on an Offer In Compromise. It tells you what you need to know, how to pay for your offer, how to complete the application package, important information, removable forms and an application checklist.

This page has all the addresses you will need for the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Locations include Madison (headquarters), Milwaukee, Appleton, Eau Claire, Green Bay and Wausau.

This homepage has a lot of good resources and information. Here are some important links for WI efile, my tax account, where’s my refund, eRETR, ID Verification and Business Tax Incentive Finder as follow:

This link has information regarding Homestead Credit and everything you need to know.

Thhis link is for filing for sales taxes for your business every year.

This link has all the information you need to know regarding sales tax and usage.

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