Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Information

  1. What is the best tool for book keeping? You can do book keeping yourself by using QuickBooks, Wave, using graph paper, using a Microsoft Office Spreadsheet or using a Google Spreadsheet.
  2. What woud be the best tool to kee track of expenses? You can either do it yourself by using graph paper, Microsoft Office Excel document or a Google spreadsheet. Another way is to have a tax consultant keep track of the expenses in a book.
  3. How do you pay sales taxes? The State of Wisconsin is where you pay sales taxes, whether you pay quarterly, monthly or yearly. Every quarter subtract your gross sales. You have to put your sales tax on separately.

Personal tangible property is taxable like a landscape company.

Restaurants haves sales tax. For carry-out it is not taxable unless the restaurant gives you plastic utensils.

For grocery stores when you buy a broasted chicken that is not taxable. When you buy a bottle of soda from a grocery store that is taxable.

Invest safely, with low cost. You can create a portfolio of investments without buying a lot of money. You should pick your own method of investing.

If you buy annuities understand all the restrictions as well as the benefits.